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Smart Hospitals

Today world is becoming smart day by day, as Technology is spreading its wings. We live in times where we are surrounded by the enormous amount of smart devices. Phones are smart, TVs are smart, cars can self-drive and robots do exist. The concept of smart remains fairly untouched when it comes to the hospitals – which is where we step in. Experiences at hospitals are becoming daunting and overwhelming for people and we aim to minimize the same. With proposed solutions for various issues such as Critical Care Monitoring, Path Finders and Elderly Care, we aim at making the end experience as pleasurable as possible for everyone, be it doctors, patients, and visitors

Critical Care Monitoring

It is important for the hospitals to provide the ability of remote administration of their critical care patients, to the corresponding doctor/specialist and to the closed relatives. Hug is proposing a complete solution where the hospital can ensure the complete caretaking of the ICU patients. Hug provides, an IoT enabled device which is effective to analyze patient movement based on computer vision. So the hospital can provide immediate medication or care by Nurses/Doctors, and screens basic but vital health parameters of the patient (HR, BP, ECG, Temperature, and so forth). This device has a capability to share the data/information to corresponding doctors or specialist by a Mobile application or monitor. Hug also provides Decision Making Engine with real-time alerts based on the threshold values configured for a patient.

Path Finder

From displaying simple route information about a division or facility inside the hospital to empowering locale-based content for an end user, a Path Finder solution is proposed where Intuitive Display sheets have the capacity to provide the complete information. Bluetooth beacons will be installed across the hospital and provide indoor location-based tracking

Patient’s Visitor Experience

To enhance the patient/visitor experience Hug is proposing the following solutions – Auto Check-in/Check-out for visitors, Track patient’s visiting time, waiting time for any hospital services (doctor visit), Future predictions on average waiting time.

Apart from the dynamic solutions, Hug is providing robust Robots to enhance the consumer experience and the robots will be installed at the entrance and key areas of the hospital to meet & greet with visitors/patients (kids’ areas specifically). With the integration of ML and AI algorithm, Robots will display all the needed information about patients’ treatment time, room number, average waiting time, etc. with interactive display and voice services.

Total Knee Replacement

It’s very critical for hospitals and specialists to monitor the patients post TKR surgery. Monitoring physiotherapy and other exercises post-surgery is a daunting task. Hug provides a Remote Monitoring tool to specialist or hospitals to track the parameters of TKR patients. TKR (Total Knee Replacement) Patients need to wear a wearable on the legs for investigation. There would be two modules for this gadget where one module would be worn over the knee and other beneath. The device will measure parameters like Temperature, Body Position, Bend and Extension of the knee, Force used to lift the leg, Angle of development, Leg development length, Time, Activity Analysis (Sitting/Standing/Walking), and Predictive Analytics to decide the improvement of blood clumps and notices to patient and specialist

Elderly Care

The plan is to provide a wearable device with the capacity to screen fundamental health-related parameters of elderly patients and offer help when required. The notable functionalities and components of wearables are to read BP, ECG, Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring, and SOS. So the complete idea is to offer necessary and quick remedies to elderly patients to minimize the wait time.

Power Optimization Framework

More than 40% of expenses in P&L of any hospital is Electricity component. Any Hospital wants to cut down the cost then the only option left is to identify power utilization across each area and zone. Hug provides you an IoT based solution where the device will provide inputs and recommendations to optimize power usage. This IoT enabled device will measure power & voltage for rooms, halls, major systems like medical equipment, HVAC, etc., and give you complete control for administration.

To know more or clear your inquisitive queries, please contact us. We surely will give you a newer perspective of possibilities.