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Hospitality Management

With every new experience, there arises new expectations. The Hospitality Industry is one such sector which has seen an exponential growth over the last few decades. It now has incredible potential for increase in revenue and decrease in costs by incorporating IoT technology in their day to day tasks.

For instance, we propose that our technology framework can sense when a visitor is in room or the room is vacant. Then the same framework naturally modifies the temperature and other electrical appliances to reduce Electrical Energy utilization by as much as 20 to 45 per cent. In the meantime, our brilliant technology framework could likewise increase the level of visitor experience by enabling a visitor to alter the lights and temperature utilizing their lodging applications, TV remote or even voice interaction, all without leaving the bed!

Possibilities with IoT technology in hospitality

  • Personalized experience each time
  • Energy efficient systems
  • Reduced costs
  • Mobile/ tablet/ app-based control
Guestroom Automation

Guestroom Automation can render a pleasing personalised experience to the guests. This can be achieved via intelligent IoT solutions within hospitality sector can enable a centralised network of automated systems to deliver services as per the guest’s likings. For instance, a wearable device or a smart app on the guest’s smartphone could connect to the control systems of the room, so that the system ‘knows’ when the guest is arriving and get the room ready. Auto-sensors could start the guest’s preferred music.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance takes preventative maintenance one-step further by using sensor data to recognize hazardous trends and alert the appropriate maintenance personnel before the issue escalates. For example, Water, a precious resource, can be saved with a quick repair when sensors detect a leaking tap. Similarly, the system could detect a faulty bulb/electric gadget and trigger the actions needed to rectify/ replace it.

Room Service Improvements

Knowing about a guests’ likes, the room service could suggest and serve their favorite meals. These could be uploaded via the mobile check-in filled out by the guest and ‘remembered’. A smart device, for example, could start brewing preferred coffee when a sensor detects that the guest has gotten up and is moving about in the room.

In-Room Facilities

This could be as simple as keyless doors that automatically open when the guest arrives, to automatic thermostats that can set the temperature as per the tastes and preferences of the guest. The TV in the guestroom could display the preferred channels, and the room could be lit as per the personal likes.

To know more or clear your inquisitive queries, please contact us. We surely will give you a newer perspective of possibilities.