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Hug Innovations: Endeavouring to End the Gap Between People and Technology

Hug Innovations a Hyderabad-based technology start-up founded in 2014 by Raj Neravati, the CEO & founder of the start-up. A technology-based start-up constantly striving to bridge the gap between the peoples and technology through their wearable products. As the world is in developing demand for technology with the change of time and development. The changing era and time need so much significant advancement in the living standard and lifestyle. Hug Innovations through their Hug Smartwatches endeavouring to fill the gap between the delusion of the people towards the technology and making them to companion with the technology and helping the world with their wearable product gadgets.Start of Hug Innovations:Raj Neravati was working in IT Industry for 17 years. He was working in the US in Cigniti Technologies on the position of Chief Operating Officer in the company and was living a happy and comfortable life there. However, the Nirbhaya incident Shooked him up. Through the incident, he was very disturbed and wondered if he could do to help the women’s and society in their safety.“I was very disturbed and wondered what I could do. A Facebook post seemed like a futile exercise. Eventually, I decided to work on a solution that would help women in distress and moved back to India,” Raj said.The Nirbhaya incident jolted the whole nation and Raj Neravati too and the incident emboldens him to use the technology in a process to create something for women’s safety. He wanted to develop a wearable device this time rather than some random mobile app which people download and forget about to use it at a point in time. He targeted to build something wearable device that would be convenient and handy to use when the one was in trouble. So he left his job and everything behind and shifted in India and started working on his plan to develop such wearable device that companion with the lifestyle and the people do not have to put extra efforts to understand to how to use it.