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Hug Innovations unveils gesture control-enabled Hug Smartwatch


Hug Innovations, an Indian start-up, recently launched its gesture control enabled at Future Unleashed, Microsoft’s largest ever customer conference in India. The smartwatch is built on the platform and is designed to help users control their gadgets with motion of hands.

Hug is the first gesture control smartwatch in the world to integrate and enhance customer experience in virtual reality with the Oculus Rift, the company claims. It is built with traditional features for users to make calls, track physical activity and nutrition, play music and find devices.

Personal safety is another key differentiator of Hug with amazing security features, such as an SOS button, continuous heart rate monitoring, fatigue detection ensuring personal safety for consumers.

Safety can also be activated with a gesture-based security feature that can also interpret a hand gesture as sign of trouble for situations. With these cool innovations on Hug Smartwatch, consumers can now also do simple tasks like playing their favorite music, dimming room lights, surfing videos online, among all with just a simple hand gesture.

“Through this new wearable technology, we aim to provide our consumers a touch free experience while interacting with devices, helping make their lives simpler. We plan to reach 2.2 million units of sale over a period of three years and aim to sell 3,50,000 units in the first year,” said Raj Neravati, Founder and CEO,