Hug Fit Faqs

General FAQs

How can I change my registered mobile number?

In the app, go to the profile page. By clicking on the profile pic in menu, change your phone number and click on Save. You will go to the mobile validation screen. Enter the OTP sent to your new mobile number to complete the validation process. Now your mobile number is changed.

Do Hug Fit support iPad or any other tablets?

We do not support any kind of tablets as of now.

How can I update my health metrics?

o update your health metrics, click Menu->Profile image. Tap the health icon that is available at the top-right of your screen and then specify your health metrics.

Can I turn off the Hug Fit device?

No, you cannot turn off the device until the battery gets drained.

Why am I unable to turn on/ Switch on the device?

Kindly pull the module out from the straps and insert in any USB port in right direction. Automatically the device will vibrate and display will gets turn on and shows up the battery indicator.


Where do I use my 4-digit PIN?

The 4-digit PIN is used to Login the app.

How to choose my lifestyle?

The app has three types of lifestyles – Sedentary, Active and Very Active. If your work constitutes of the sitting posture for example software professional/bank employee, then select Sedentary. If your work demands you to move around, then select Active Ex: Sales officer. If you are a fitness freak/athlete, then select Very Active.

Why are the basic health metrics mandatory and where are they used?

The basic health metrics such as height, weight, gender and age are used to calculate the BMI and BMR. These values are further used to calculate calories burnt while resting and for steps.

What should I do if I don’t receive the mobile OTP?

Click on ‘Resend’ button or Make IVR Call to get the code. If you do not get them, then check for any typo in mobile number you have entered and correct them by clicking on Change Mobile number and correct the mobile number to get OTP.

Hug Elan/fit features

-General Information

What features are there on the Hug Elan/Fit?

Steps, Call Alert, Notifications, Wrist Sense, Alarm, Remote Capture/Take Photo, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep, Sedentary Alert, Leaderboard, Steps Goal, Sleep Goal, Active Time Goal, Do not Disturb

Which Adapter should I use for charging Hug Fit?

You can use any adapter not more than 5V, 1Amp or charge with your desktop/laptop.

Is the Hug Fit waterproof?

No, the Hug Fit is IP 67 dust proof and water resistant.

How long does the Hug Fit battery last?

The Hug Fit battery lasts for 4 days on normal usage and 7 days in standby mode.

-Primary Features

How do I sync or take a backup of data that is available in the Hug Fit?

You do not need to sync up or take a backup of the data manually. The Hug Fit automatically takes a backup of its content periodically when it is paired with the phone.

Which iOS versions are compatible with Hug Fit?

The Hug Fit is compatible with iOS version 9.0 or higher.

Which android versions are compatible with Hug Fit?

The Hug Fit is compatible with Android mobiles having Lollipop (5.0) or higher version.

From where do I get the Hug Fit mobile app?

The Hug Fit mobile app is available for free in the App Store (iOS) / Google Play store (Android).

How much time should I charge for full charging?

It takes 1 hour 30 minutes for full charging.

-Alerts and Notifications

Can I receive notifications on the Hug Fit?

Yes, the Hug Fit displays notifications of the apps (WeChat, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook messenger) on your mobile.

Can I customize notifications on the Hug Fit?

Yes, you can customize the notifications that you want to see in your band in Settings>Notifications tab of your Hug Fit mobile app.

How do I enable DND on my Hug Fit?

The Hug Fit enables you to keep it on DND mode when required so that it does not disturb you during your busy hours. Go to Settings page of the app and select Do not Disturb. Set the time period and click Save. A DND icon appears on the band for the selected time period. In the DND mode, you will not receive any calls and notifications.

How to sync my mobile time with Hug Fit?

Once the band is paired with the mobile, the Hug Fit automatically syncs the time. No need to separately sync time. Whenever the time is changed in mobile, automatically it changes in Hug Fit as well.


How do I unpair my Hug Fit from my phone?

In order to unpair your band, go to Connectivity screen of the app and select Unpair/Unbind. A confirmation pop-up arises and on confirmation, the band gets unpaired with the app.

How should I wear the band to record my heartbeat correctly?

Wear your Hug Fit as you wear any other band. The band should touch your skin to measure the heart rate.

What is BPM in Heartrate?

BPM (Beats Per Minute) which is the standard measurement of heart rate.

How does my band detect my heart rate?

The Hug Fit has a Kionix, Silicon labs Optical Heart rate sensor that monitors your heart rate.

Does the Hug Fit have a camera?

Hug Fit does not have a camera. To take photos, go to Settings page of the app and select Remote Capture/Take Photo. A remote shutter button appears on the band that enables you to snap a shot.

Hug fit application features

-Steps and Health

How are the burnt calories that are displayed in the Dashboard screen calculated?

The burnt calories that are displayed in the Dashboard screen indicate the total number of calories that you have burnt till that hour. This includes Resting calories, calories burnt with steps. Tap on the Calorie Burn tab to view the graph of calories burnt that day.

How do I set my Steps, Active time and Sleep Goals?

Go to Settings page of the app and you can find options to set goals for each of the options.

When do I get badges for the Steps and Sleep?

You get badges when that particular goal is achieved for that day.

Do I get badges for all the goals I set?

You get badges for Steps and Sleep when you achieve them for that day. You don’t get badges for Active time.

How do I select or deselect the Notifications received on the band?

You can select or deselect the notifications that you receive on the Hug Fit by selecting or deselecting them in the Settings — Notifications tab of your mobile app.

-Bluetooth Pairing

What if Hug Fit is not found while pairing?

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON and your smart phone is running Android OS 5.0 & above, or iOS 9.0 & above.
  2. While pairing, make sure the distance between the phone and the tracker is within 0.5 meters.
  3. Make sure the device is sufficiently charged, and if there is still a problem after being fully charged, please get in touch with us at

Why Bluetooth keeps disconnecting frequently?

  1. This behavior occurs due to abnormality of the Bluetooth service on smartphone during its reboot or power on. If this did not solve the problem, please try Option 2 described below.
  2. Make sure Hug Fit is paired with smartphone. Open Hug Fit app on your mobile and enter “Settings”. Select option “Band Reset”. This will restart your Hug Fit tracker. Once Hug Fit is powered up, it should reconnect automatically. If this does not happen, please pair manually

If I buy a new mobile/change my mobile, how to pair my Hug Fit to the new mobile?

Download the Hug Fit app from your Google play store/App store and install the app and Login with your old login details. The band will be paired to your new mobile. If it didn’t happen, then go to the settings page of the mobile and unbind the BT device and pair it again from the Hug Fit app.