Working Model
  • WSN nodes will sense the micro-climate data at crop canopy level on real-time basis
  • Transfer the data periodically to the remote server, through a field ‘Gateway’ having internet access (SIM card)
  • At server level ‘Decision Support Models’ are executed based on the data received from the field and alerts are generated by the system
  • Based on the alerts generated by the system, experts will send personalised crop advisories to the farmers in regional languages
Deployment Details

  • Deployed locations : Anantapur District
  • Number of Villages : 20
  • Total number of deployments : 550 nodes + sensors
  • Cloud : Microsoft Azure
  • Prediction Models for Crops : Groundnut, Oil Seeds
  • Average time sync with cloud : 1-2 hours
  • Metrics observed : Temperature, Humidity, Soil Moisture, Leaf Fitness

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