Designed to
be personal

The Hug Smartwatch is a modern wearable with a classic twist. The rectangular design, inspired by the classic wristwatch, utilises every inch of the crisp LCD screen, maximising the content for your convenience. In fact, every element of design – from colour to contour – is geared for a more personal wearable experience.

Fully loaded &
light as a feather

The Hug Smartwatch is designed for easy everyday use. Weighing in at 46 grams, you barely feel it on your hands. Yet gives the power to your hands to express, interact, control and play without ever feeling weighed down.

The cutting edge
of good looking

The Hug Smartwatch fits neatly into its sleek 11.2 mm case, designed with trend benders of both genders in mind. Did we mention that the 22 mm strap construction makes it uniquely adaptable to your style?

Armoured against
the elements

An incredibly robust Asahi glass protects the 240x240 pixel, rich Transflective LCD display (it adapts to ambient light conditions). Coupled with an automotive grade PC+ABS resin case and IP55 water-resistant construction, it’s an open license to be carefree with your Hug Smartwatch.

Plays well with

The Hug Smartwatch plays well with Android (4.3 or higher) phones. Just download the Hug application from Google Play Store, toggle Bluetooth on and you are ready to go.

Come for the looks,
stay for the brains

A Smartwatch is only as clever as what it can do for you. The Hug Smartwatch comes with its own sleek, fun and intuitive interface that is designed to fit your lifestyle like a glove.



the great indian food database

The Hug Smartwatch is your very own foodie companion, accessing a specially created bank of large food database. It learns your favourite foods, makes special suggestions and even recognises the occasional binge.

get fit on your own terms

No one knows your food habits and workout schedule better than you. That is, until you meet the Hug Smartwatch and its unique Personality Adoption. Hug quickly recognises intake, heart rate and other details to become your friendly wellness guide.

heart rate tracking

The Hug Smartwatch tracks your heart rate and alerts you whenever it senses you may be pushing your limits. By keeping a log of your heart rate in various daily life situations, the Hug Smartwatch gives you meaningful insights into how heart rate affects your lifestyle.

Personal safety

your personal safety net

Reflexive, reliable and always at work. When it comes to personal safety, the Hug Smartwatch packs a punch. With your prior permission, it reflexively reacts to threat situations and sends a distress signal to your close ones, not to mention nearby emergency services. The features can also be brought into action manually when your intuition sends an early warning.

manual activation

The always-on safety technology can be activated by long pressing a dedicated panic button located on the side.

gesture activation

The Hug Smartwatch can also interpret a hand gesture as sign of trouble, for situations where your discretion is key. The gesture-based safety can be turned on and the quickest way to reach out for help.

The power of gestures

your hand is the new universal remote.

Control your PC, smartphone apps, electronics, virtual reality headsets, toys and home automation with the flick of a wrist. The proprietary gesture recognition technology comes with Contextual Intelligence, so the same hand movements can do different things depending on where you are.

smartphones, computers, home automation, virtual reality.

Play music and select games on your smartphone without touching the screen. Make engaging presentations with your Hug Smartwatch, at the wave of your hand. Turn on and control lights, electronics and toys without leaving the sofa. Experience next generation control and interaction in virtual reality.

developer network

With the Hug Developer Portal, the power of gestures is growing every day to include more Bluetooth enabled software or electronic device. Discover the possibilities here.

The fitness factor

just what the heart wants.

The advanced onboard optical heart rate monitor helps you take your training to the next level.

how well does your watch run?

Track distance covered, steps, calorie burn and more. Keep your phone handy so we can do better calibration.


Choose a watch face to match your style.


Comprehensively record and track your indoor and outdoor cardio sessions. Get insightful statistics on every run and cycle trip. Distance covered, steps, calorie burn, laps, best times and more.


Track your food intake, water intake along with different activities performed throughout the day. The Nutrition dashboard gives your total calories burnt for the day.


Toggle gesture control on and off, select the orientation based on the hand you are wearing the Hug Smartwatch on.


Switch the toggle on to enable SOS trigger using the unique SOS gesture.


Pair with your smartphone, view your call logs, make and receive calls directly from your Hug Smartwatch.


View push notifications from all your important mobile apps in one place.

Find my phone

Don’t worry about a misplaced smartphone at home, use the find my phone feature to locate your paired smartphone.


Carry and listen to your favorite music on the go.


Set alarms and wake up without bothering anyone else.

Remote Capture

Click photos on your mobile phones using remote capture on the Hug Smartwatch.


You don’t need to pull your smartphone out and check the weather every time you plan to step out, the Hug Smartwatch can instantly give local weather information on your wrist.


Look up the monthly calendar and date in an instant.


Adjust watch volume, brightness, toggle bluetooth on, and more.

Quick Access

View a snapshot of your health activity and perform some handy functions really quick.


Take control of an electronic world with your own vocabulary of hand gestures. Hug comes with Contextual Intelligence that instinctively understands what you want to get done - turn up the music, dim the lights, play console games, switch presentation slides, or fly your remote-controlled helicopter like a pro.

Single use
gesture control

For presentations, media players, YouTube, smartphone music players, home automation.

gesture control

For remote-controlled cars and toys, virtual reality headsets and computer games.


distress signal
gesture control

Send a distress signal to your close ones at a moment's notice.


    Mediatek 2502C
    Nucleus RTOS
    1.6 inch, 240*240 pixels, TFT with Asahi glass
    1.5-2 days on use and 5 days standby
    8MB ROM, 8MB RAM
  • Other
    2 Buttons (SOS Button and Power Button), Speaker, Microphone, Vibration
    Pixart Optical Heart Rate Sensor, High resolution 9 Axis IMU (3-Axis Accelerometer, 3-Axis Gyroscope, 3-Axis Magnetometer)
    Android (4.3 or higher)
    43.7 mm x 38.8 mm x 11.2 mm
    Bluetooth Classic 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy